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A Wedding, a funeral and all life’s key events deserve a ceremony reflecting your values, beliefs and personality.

My name is Rachel Branston. I’m a wedding celebrant in Somerset, here to help you to create and deliver a unique ceremony that is all about YOU, your family and friends.  I’m happy to work in Devon, Dorset and Glamorgan and I also conduct funeral and other ceremonies.

The world has handed down to us many ceremonial traditions.  You may want to follow parts of these or you may want to design an event that is totally unique.

Either way, I can help to create a special day you will remember with pride.

Contact me for a friendly chat, with no obligations, and we can explore what you want in a ceremony, and how I can help.


Rachel Branston

every ceremony is unique

Have you ever attended a wedding or other ceremony and thought, “my friends are individuals but their celebration is a copy of something I’ve heard a dozen times before”?

Your event does not have to be this way.  There are wonderful traditions to draw upon but the opportunities for you to make your ceremony your own are endless.

Explore my blog or Facebook page for more ideas.  I’ll be happy to hear your own ideas or talk over the possibilities when you get in touch.


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Secular ceremonies

LGBT marriages


Pet funerals

Celebrations of life

Civil partnerships

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A song for your ceremony

Music plays a major part it most ceremonies.  With years of experience as a professional pianist, organist and composer, I can organise live music for your ceremony in a wide variety of styles.

While there are hundreds of beautiful, pre-written songs you may like to hear at your event, you may like to consider letting me write a special song just for you.  Nothing expresses feelings or tells a story like a well crafted verse in music.  When you next say “They’re playing our song” you can know it truly is YOUR song and no one else’s.

This is an entirely optional service I can offer if you are interested.

Wedding Celebrant in Bath

Wedding Celebrant in Bath

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Musicians for wedding receptions.

Musicians for wedding receptions.

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Why have a naming ceremony?

Why have a naming ceremony?

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Should we have live music at our wedding?

Should we have live music at our wedding?

It’s always such a tricky decision and you’ve chosen tracks because you love them but I will come down firmly on the side of live music being so much better.  I have done so many weddings when someone has the music all ready and, at worst, something happens and it just doesn’t work or, at best,...

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